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Projekty Techniczne

Leading your technical projects from the front

Transforming the data center operations through change requires knowledge of the latest challenges faced by operators. Infrastructure upgrades, equipment moves, adds and changes (MAC), długofalowość i cele ESG require an in-depth understanding of data center operations and energy efficiency. Our dedicated data center teams are scalable and can work on new facilities or when expanding or retrofitting your existing data center infrastructure.

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To byłoby Shannon Wood w Ameryce lub Clive’a Fotheringhama w regionie EMEA. Przejdź do naszej strefy kontaktowej, aby poznać sposoby nawiązania kontaktu.

Czemu Salute for technical projects?

There’s nothing we don’t know about data center operations

Budowa i rozbudowa centrum danych

Specjalizujemy się w budowie i rozbudowie centrów danych, zapewniając od podstaw skalowalność, wydajność i bezpieczeństwo.

Modernizacja infrastruktury

Data center operations are evolving rapidly. Whether you are a crypto, edge, colo, or hyperscale operation, we can manage and perform comprehensive infrastructure upgrades, including the latest in cooling systems, power distribution, and IT infrastructure, to enhance operational efficiency and resilience.

Migration and Consolidation

Whether you’re looking to migrate to a new data center or consolidate your existing infrastructure, Salute provides seamless, risk-managed MAC services. Our strategic planning and execution minimize downtime, ensuring a smooth transition with no unplanned impact on your business operations.

Historia sukcesu klienta

Scaling Cloudflare's internet services with 2,000 servers across 130 Sites

Amid the global pandemic, Cloudflare faced an escalating need to bolster their network infrastructure to meet the soaring consumer demands of the internet. This significant project involved the vital enhancement of Cloudflare’s dark fiber network spanning over 130 locations worldwide – augmenting the security and efficacy of essential applications for their clients. Our approach to rapid execution, superior quality, and adaptability led to a successful six-month delivery, enabling Cloudflare to not only sustain but also enhance their operations during a period marked by global uncertainty.

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"Salute’s ability to support us globally as well as the quality of engineers assigned to our projects has helped our capacity expansion stay on time during a period of extreme restriction."
Williama Robledo
Cloudflare Executive

Po co wybierać Salute for Your Technical Projects?

Dzięki wieloletniemu doświadczeniu w sektorze centrów danych nasz zespół wnosi niezrównaną wiedzę specjalistyczną do każdego projektu. Let’s build a new future for your data center operations together.

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